Spread Your Music Through Soundcloud “Repost”

SoundCloud has slowly but surely become one of the top 5 online audio distribution platforms in the world. It hosts artists, record labels, artist collectives, promotional channels and networks.

Soundcloud recognized that followers or likes are not the best indicators for how many plays you can expect on a track. In return created the “repost” function.

For a mere 30$ a year, here is why we think you should be using this feature as an emerging artist:

  • You can stay independent
  • It will allow you to reach your fans across all platforms (e.g. Apple Music, Spotify, Instagram…)
  • You will finally be monetized on Soundcloud
  • You’ll be able to use this feature as a marketing tool you can control
  • Reposts are the fastest way to post songs to your Profile page
  • Sharing your favorite new discoveries with your friends and followers is more efficient

KALAB believes that this new feature can really help emerging artists breakthrough in the industry all whilst remaining in control of your future. Soundcloud is one of the very few platforms shedding light on how hard it is for emerging artists to do so, and are finally taking action!

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