Entrepreneurship within the Music Ecosystem

In the past 5 years, entrepreneurs with musical backgrounds have increasingly invested their time and skills into creating companies/applications/services that can realistically help you as emerging artists! Here are a few you should familiarize yourself with:

Of course, we have to promote our own services! We are an online marketplace platform that allows you to be booked directly by the client. We aim to promote local music cultures and provide emerging musicians with as much visibility and booking opportunities as possible! Our services are free for the artists, as our primary focus is really enabling emerging artists to grow and survive in the music industry!

This young company offers hands-on support for those wanting to bring their artistic or startup project to life on their own terms, without a major label, accelerator or lab. They provide monthly coaching sessions, an unlimited amount of virtual workshops, and give you access to a network of peers and mentors.

Vochlea’s product, the Dubler Studio Kit, is a real-time vocal recognition MIDI controller. It offers a never seen before way to translate your musical ideas into reality, using the one instrument we have been practicing since birth, your voice. With the Dubler microphone, you’re only seconds away to teaching the software the intricacies of your own voice!

Audigo Labs puts a professional quality recording studio into your pocket, allowing musicians, podcasters, and content creators to capture, edit, and share professional-quality audio effortlessly!

With this new Soundcloud feature, you can access professional marketing and monetization services and industry-leading distribution features, with priority chat support. This program has been tailor-fitted to the needs of artists on the rise!

We hope this blog has provided you with practical options you might want to consider as an emerging artist! Don’t forget to check out KALAB at www.kalabarts.com, @kalabarts on Instagram or on our facebook page!

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