Releasing your first single? Episode #1: The Marketing Strategy

Have you produced your first single and are now wondering how to release it? Our co-founder Flo is in the process of releasing her first single and will share her experience and learnings with you as she goes through it. 

Before we start, always remember to plan ahead and schedule enough time to release your first single. It’s more complex than you’d think and it is recommended to schedule approximately 4 weeks to plan everything! If this isn’t your first release then some of the things which take up a lot of time are already done (for ex. getting access to your Spotify for Artists account)

This week’s blog post will take you through how to come up with a marketing strategy around your release. Flo went through the following 4 key questions to structure hers:  

  1. What type of identity do you want to create as an Artist?

The great thing about this is that you have all the freedom in the world. However, consistency is key. When you create your visual concept and determine the type of tone you use in your messaging, stick with it. By remaining consistent, people will start feeling a sense of belonging which creates loyalty. And this is exactly the type of audience you need when releasing your first single. Also, make sure you are being consistent across all channels you are using! Some really amazing examples of consistent artist/brand identities are Chelan & COLORS.

  1. What type of material do you want to use to promote your single?

The most important aspect about the marketing materials used to promote your single, is that it is in line with your artistic identity. Generally, people love videos. So creating a teaser to hook people in before releasing your single is strongly advised. If you don’t have a large budget or a videographer as a friend then you can also create something cool and simple on iMovie in no time. Always make sure to have a different material (videos, visuals) you are using to promote your music so you can post several times and build up the excitement. For the visuals, always ensure to format them in the appropriate size for each channel. But more on that in the next post, when we take you through the process of creating a cool artwork for your single.  

  1. When is the right time to start promoting your music online and how often? 

Timing is key. But it is extremely hard to determine when the right time has come. Generally, you don’t want to start too early because you would be losing the momentum. Also, there is a fine line between being dedicated and being annoying. Be careful not to post about your single 24/7 prior to releasing it. People might become bored of seeing or hearing the same thing. The way Flo planned it is to start with a post informing people about the pre-save link. But, what is a pre-save link? it allows people to pre-save your song on Spotify so that once it is released, they will already follow your account and have your song in their library. But more on that in a later post where Flo will tell you more about her chosen distributor DistroKid

  1. Where will you promote your music? 

There is a multitude of channels available to us. But make sure to select the channels wisely. It is advised to build an audience prior to releasing your first single so that when you release it, there is an audience you are releasing it to. Overall, the Facebook algorithm doesn’t make any post visible to people who have not yet liked your artist page so when you post on your Facebook artist page you are posting for your already existing audience. However, on Instagram there is still a chance to attract new audiences, so you might want to post more frequently there. Another way to promote your music prior to releasing it is pitching it to Spotify playlists. But more on that later!

Once your song is out, there are many cool things you could be doing. For instance, you could start a challenge where people cover your song on Instagram, or encourage people to duet with you on TikTok. You can also send your release to your entire Instagram audience by sharing your story so that everyone knows about it or release an acoustic version of you singing/playing it live. 

Creating a Marketing strategy around your release is as complex as you want it to be. But the more effort you put in, the more it will pay off. 

Next time, Flo will run you through the process of creating a cool artwork for your single which is in line with the stores’ requirements. So make sure to tune back in! In the meantime, feel free to reach out to KALAB at should you have any questions connected to releasing your single!

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