4 ways to experience live music from the comfort of your own home

With festivals and concerts cancelling throughout the world for the foreseeable future, several YouTube channels are amping up their online presence to spread the love of music during these difficult times. Here are 4 channels you should check out:

1. NPR Music Tiny Desk Concerts

Tiny Desk videos are intimate, live recorded performances from artists of various genres, styles and backgrounds.

Our favorite “Tiny Desk Concerts” are:


COLORS is a unique aesthetic music platform showcasing exceptional talent from all around the globe, focused on promoting the most distinctive new artists and original sounds. The videos usually feature one song of the artist’s choice, featuring only the mic, the artist and a different color background to provide a unique aesthetic.

Our favorite “A Colors Show” are:

3. Triple J

triple j is the national youth broadcaster for young Australians. Their aim is to bring the latest, greatest music on the radio, online, and on your phone. One of their unique series is called “Like A Version” and entails inviting artists into their studio to perform covers you might not have expected.

Our favorite “Like A Version” videos are:

4. BBC Radio 1

The BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge performances are intimate and unique, featuring your favorite artists and providing you with an unparalleled live concert!

All of these YouTube channels place emphasis on live performances and promote talent from all musical genres! Let us know in the comments what your favorite live music channel is!

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