Cully Plage Festival – 2020 Edition

Does the Cully Jazz Festival sound familiar? But what about the Cully Plage Festival?
With concerts cancelled all over Switzerland (and the world) this summer, Liana and Yoann decided to create their own performance opportunities to support local emerging musicians!


  • Yoann Maeder: guitarist and producer, he is currently perfecting his skills at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne (HEMU). Yoann frequently releases both covers and original songs on his instagram and collaborates with several emerging musicians such as Lakna or Liana. He is also focusing on his new project, the ELENA trio!
  • Liana Menétrey: Swiss and Brazilian, Liana sings, plays the guitar and writes her own songs! She took part in The Voice France in 2017 and is since then based in Lausanne, performing in various venues while studying at the University of Lausanne. She also regularly performs with Yoann, and released “I’m on My Way” with Chelan. Click here for her Youtube channel!

5 performances, 5 rising artists to discover and love!

  • Dominique Hunziker: hailing from Guatemala, Dominique moved to Switzerland to pursue her musical studies at the HEMU of Lausanne. The singer/songwriter performs in English, French and Spanish, and likes to explore philosophical themes in her lyrics. She already released her 1st album, “Dos Profundidades” – go listen to it and click here for her Youtube channel!
  • Lakna: with her distinctive deep voice, Lakna released her 1st EP in November 2019 and kept herself busy with performances, filming music videos and releasing new music! Her latest single, “Simple,” is out since June 2020. She is also posting covers every Sunday on her Instagram – don’t miss that! Click here for her Youtube channel!
  • Vincent Schmidt: at only 23 years old, this fingerstyle guitarist has already released 2 full solo albums! Vincent also plays in the band Marvinca – their EP is out since 2019! Now studying at the HEMU in Lausanne, he also got lessons in London and in several Swiss cities over the past couple of years. Click here for his Youtube channel!
  • Etienne Machine: this Lausanne-based electro-rock and trip-hop band already has more than 20 concerts under its belt! They released their 2nd EP, “Off” in June 2020 – don’t forget to listen to it! The band also has experience as artist-in-residence in various Swiss locations, and is currently working towards their 3rd EP for this Autumn. Click here for their Youtube channel!
  • Chelan: singer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, he does it all! With a style blending neo-soul, funk and hip-hop, Chelan creates tracks with beautiful harmonies and catchy beats. On top of writing top-quality songs, he also founded his own record label, “Staircase Recordings.” Finally, don’t forget to listen to his latest release, “Mates” – click here for his Youtube channel!

If you want a snippet of the festival, watch Davide Nestola’s wonderful video below!

Finally, go check-out all these talented musicians and follow Liana and Yoann for any news regarding a potential 2021 edition! You can also find some of these wonderful artists on our website,

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