KALAB was accepted to the Hatchery, UCL’s very own incubator!

Find out more about the Hatchery & other programmes UCL offers to aspiring entrepreneurs

We can’t believe it but it has already been one month since we joined the Hatchery incubator programme hosted by UCL Innovation & Enterprise. Even before moving to London, we had heard about the Hatchery and one year ago, when we began our MSc in Entrepreneurship at UCL, we walked through the start-up space and deep down we knew this is where we wanted to be…

Every year, a selection of start-ups founded by UCL students, researchers or recent alumni are selected to be part of the programme and receive extensive support from an experienced team. Start-ups incubated have gone on to be part of Forbes 30 under 30 and even accepted into famous tech accelerators such as Y Combinator. 

Want to know more about what the programme looks like?

months to determine whether we get to continue (fingers crossed!). Support offered by the Hatchery consists of office space at UCL Base KX, UCL’s start-up hub at Kings Cross, access to business advisors, a large mentorship network, seminars and expert workshops on various start-up topics including, negotiation, growth marketing, and communication strategies.  Through UCL’s network of affiliated companies, we even get 1:1 office hours with experts in the areas of legal & IP, development, marketing, sales & negotiation, investment, and plenty of discounts & perks! Since KALAB is run by two women, it is so nice to see how they have organised events and even grant us access to initiatives especially for underrepresented founders such as female founder office hours with investors from leading UK funds. 

Of course, surprise surprise, due to the pandemic the programme had to be adjusted and the team has worked really hard to provide the best virtual experience! We have even been allocated two awesome mentors to accompany us throughout our time at the Hatchery. They were specifically chosen because of their expertise in our sector and will support us in the areas of product development as well as branding and marketing. 

Three more UCL programmes we participated in and would highly recommend for any aspiring entrepreneurs! 

1. UCL Launch

Besides the Hatchery, UCL Innovation & Enterprise also offers numerous other programmes such as UCL Explore and UCL Launch. KALAB previously participated in the UCL Launch programme, an eight-week course for UCL students who have a validated business or social enterprise idea. If you’re still in the starting phase, then make sure to also check out UCL Explore which helps you to identify an opportunity and make your first entrepreneurial steps. Both programmes end with a pitch where you can even win some funds to support your start-up.  

2. UCL Entrepreneurs

The UCL Entrepreneurs is a student society at UCL with the aim of making the world of start-ups, technology and venture capital more accessible. They regularly host events and even have their own VC Fund. We participated at the UCL Entrepreneurs VC Fund competition, met incredible entrepreneurs from the wider UCL ecosystem and even managed to win first prize! 

3. Entrepreneurship MSc

Both co-founders of KALAB, Talitha and Florence, have completed the MSc In Entrepreneurship at the UCL School of Management. The 1-year graduate programme is an excellent way for aspiring entrepreneurs to acquire the necessary skills and network to kickstart their ventures. As part of the masters you also get the chance to participate at the UCL Pitch Day which is a great opportunity to practice your pitch in front of an audience, make meaningful connections and win some cash! 

Florence & Talitha with the 1st prize at the UCL Pitch Day

We are in London, one of the world’s tech hubs after all! So there are plenty of other programmes outside of UCL, which are worth checking out. For instance, we participated in Kickstart, a student-led accelerator where you meet students from other renowned universities in and around London. We received support over a period of 6 months and got the chance to find invaluable additions to our team, supportive advisors, and a diverse network to tap into. 

We found this amazing gem at Kickstart! Our artist community manager Pamina.

The motto for this year: It is what it is. Things turned out slightly different than we imagined but such is life and nevertheless here we are with unwavering optimism ready to revive the live music industry. We would like to give a hearty thanks to the team at UCL Innovation & Enterprise for believing in us and taking the risk on a hospitality and entertainment start-up in the midst of a global pandemic! Now that’s called guts!

Feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions about the programmes or about our entrepreneurial journey!

About KALAB 

KALAB is an entertainment start-up that bridges the gap between emerging musicians and hospitality enterprises. Through filters such as genre, budget and location, clients can easily discover and book local verified musicians for their events. 

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