Female Founder Office Hours

An initiative by Playfair Capital to tackle the lack of VC funding for female led start-ups

1 %. What’s this you ask? It represents the unequal distribution of investment funds within the tech ecosystem. For every 1£ invested into the UK startup world, 89 % go to all-male led startups, 10 % to mixed gender founder teams, and 1 % is invested into female founded companies. Lets take a moment to just let that sink in…Where does that leave us? Far far behind in a race that is already long and arduous. 

Infographic and research provided by Diversity VCBVCA and BBB.

This is why it is such a breath of fresh air to see awesome initiatives such as the Female Founders Office Hours (FFOH) Event organised by Playfair Capital in partnership with TechNation and Microsoft for Startups. This event was launched a year ago with 45 startups and 11 investors with the aim of tackling the mammoth issue of lack of funding and support for female tech founders. 

Earlier this month, we were privileged enough to be selected to participate in the fourth and latest edition, which included over 200 female founders and over 70 of the UK’s leading venture capital funds! We got the chance to speak to investors from funds such as Notion Capital, GMGVentures, ForceOverMass and receive immediate feedback on our business concept! It was a jam-packed time (there were a few nerves, I’m not gonna lie) but we were so happy to have had the chance to meet these investors, get their input, and practice our pitching which we normally wouldn’t have had in a world that usually requires “warm-intros” and can be quite hard to crack open. Sometimes there’s this image that investors are on their throne and they seem distant and intimidating (maybe it’s just me?) but through this event, although it was virtual, it felt like there weren’t barriers and they were accessible and approachable! Events like this really do live up to their mission of bridging two worlds that don’t always get access to one another! By allowing everyone to participate in the conversation, and including everyone in the game, they are helping to create and promote a more equitable tech industry.

For any female founder of a tech startup, whether you are looking to raise or get feedback, go sign up now for the next FFOH event! And reach out to us if you ever want to exchange thoughts! 

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