A global pandemic can’t silence the music🎶

2020 now that’s a wrap with over 200 artists on KALAB!

2020- A year to remember forever (or forget)! 😅 It’s been filled with uncertainty and challenges, mountains none of us ever thought we had to climb, unprecedented times. We sound like the broken record you guys have all heard a thousand times before!😂

A year when our most commonly used words became quarantine, social-distancing, lockdown, “Zoom” catchups, and “social bubbles”. Our bright spot for 2020? We are proud of the 200 incredible artists that we call the KALAB community. Despite the fact that our music industry has been shaken to its’ knees, this is when the creativity and resilience of artists everywhere has shined through.  

As we continue to grow our tribe, we aim to create an entire creative ecosystem, through expert talks, workshops, and music industry partnerships. We are working hard to create a space where artists from everywhere can collaborate, learn from, teach, and support each other in their artistic journeys and pursuits. We are building the foundations of our family on our values of:

  • Passion: the essence that drives KALAB
  • Fun: What we infuse into endeavour
  • Diversity: the beauty of all types of musicians 
  • Discovery: the exploration of novelty 
  • Integrity: the way we do business 
  • Trust: the basis of every relationship we build
  • Quality: Our pursuit of perfection
  • Impact: Our mission to use the arts for change

The artistry and music that has been born during this time is the testament of the endearing spirit of our artists all over Switzerland and the UK. We are a beautifully diverse jigsaw of artists from different walks of life, nationalities, genders, religions, races, with one language – music. Now, that’s our joy and bright spot. 

My friends, we will rise because not even a global pandemic can silence the music. 

And with that, let’s bid adieu to 2020! ✌🏽

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