Launching our Latest Project: KALAB Workshops

Wondering what we have in store for you this year? Here’s one of the novelties: online workshops and talks, specially curated for our community! Keep reading to learn more…

A 2021 Initiative by KALAB

The new year was the perfect opportunity for the team to brainstorm, redistribute responsibilities and launch new projects! We therefore decided to hold 1 to 2 monthly workshops, focusing on an emerging artist or featuring a music industry expert. Why? It’s the perfect opportunity to engage with our community, expand our network and offer helpful & interesting content for creatives!

Our 1st workshop: “From Switzerland to Cuba, Jazz gathers minds”

Benjamin Risse, in charge of organising the workshops, did an amazing job this Thursday 21st January!

The guests:

  • Gilles Dupuis: musician, concert programmer at La Spirale in Fribourg and Artistic Director at the JazzOnze+ Festival in Lausanne.
  • Manon Mullener: pianist specialising in jazz and latin-jazz, currently completing her studies at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Bern and one of our artists at KALAB!
From left to right: Manon, Gilles, Benjamin during the workshop.

Here are some of the topics discussed during the session:

  • La Spirale’s mission, what type of music can you discover there and how to perform on this stage as a musician
  • What it is like to launch your career as an emerging musician and how to feel “legitimate” enough to perform your own music on stage
  • Plans for the future
  • How to support artists

Manon then skilfully performed 2 pieces:

  • “Grand-Rue” – her own composition, which you can listen to in her EP “Reflejos.”
  • “Figuraciones” – based on a theme by Ernan López-Nussa combined with some improvisation by Manon.
Cesar Correa & Manon Mullener – Grand-Rue (Manon Mullener)

Here’s the end of the recap, we hope you enjoyed it and head to our Instagram page to watch the full workshop (under the IGTV tab of our profile). See you next time!

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