KALAB and CH + UK Connec+

If you've been following our Instagram this week, you've probably seen a couple of incredible posts by CH + UK Connec+ featuring KALAB. Want to learn more about this digital collaboration? Keep reading! A Swiss initiative in the UK CH + UK is an ongoing project launched by the culture department of the Swiss Embassy … Continue reading KALAB and CH + UK Connec+

A global pandemic can’t silence the music🎶

2020 now that’s a wrap with over 200 artists on KALAB! 2020- A year to remember forever (or forget)! 😅 It’s been filled with uncertainty and challenges, mountains none of us ever thought we had to climb, unprecedented times. We sound like the broken record you guys have all heard a thousand times before!😂 A year when … Continue reading A global pandemic can’t silence the music🎶

Female Founder Office Hours

An initiative by Playfair Capital to tackle the lack of VC funding for female led start-ups 1 %. What’s this you ask? It represents the unequal distribution of investment funds within the tech ecosystem. For every 1£ invested into the UK startup world, 89 % go to all-male led startups, 10 % to mixed gender founder teams, and 1 % is invested … Continue reading Female Founder Office Hours

KALAB was accepted to the Hatchery, UCL’s very own incubator!

Find out more about the Hatchery & other programmes UCL offers to aspiring entrepreneurs We can’t believe it but it has already been one month since we joined the Hatchery incubator programme hosted by UCL Innovation & Enterprise. Even before moving to London, we had heard about the Hatchery and one year ago, when we began our MSc in … Continue reading KALAB was accepted to the Hatchery, UCL’s very own incubator!