Launching our Latest Project: KALAB Workshops

Wondering what we have in store for you this year? Here's one of the novelties: online workshops and talks, specially curated for our community! Keep reading to learn more... A 2021 Initiative by KALAB The new year was the perfect opportunity for the team to brainstorm, redistribute responsibilities and launch new projects! We therefore decided … Continue reading Launching our Latest Project: KALAB Workshops

KALAB and CH + UK Connec+

If you've been following our Instagram this week, you've probably seen a couple of incredible posts by CH + UK Connec+ featuring KALAB. Want to learn more about this digital collaboration? Keep reading! A Swiss initiative in the UK CH + UK is an ongoing project launched by the culture department of the Swiss Embassy … Continue reading KALAB and CH + UK Connec+

Cully Plage Festival – 2020 Edition

Does the Cully Jazz Festival sound familiar? But what about the Cully Plage Festival? With concerts cancelled all over Switzerland (and the world) this summer, Liana and Yoann decided to create their own performance opportunities to support local emerging musicians! THE ORGANISERS Yoann Maeder: guitarist and producer, he is currently perfecting his skills at the … Continue reading Cully Plage Festival – 2020 Edition

5 tips to increase your online visibility as an emerging musician

With most people still stuck at home, online presence is more relevant than ever to increase visibility. Here are 5 tips for you! 1. Establish a presence on most social media channels The essentials: FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube Other important platforms: Soundcloud and BandcampIf you feel ready to release a high-quality recording, look at music streaming platforms such … Continue reading 5 tips to increase your online visibility as an emerging musician